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Wild Love Confessions

Love, Lust, & Revenge
The Quiet Quest for a Great Relationship
Introverts aren’t always at ease in the dating game. But if you plan ahead, you can wow your potential partner and build a calculated comfort zone for yourself. More »
What’s Wrong With You?
Too many breakups can do a number on your self-esteem. But remember, you’re single because you’re not settling for second-best. More »
Hurting Back Won't Heal You
When you've been done wrong, handle it right. More »
Uh-uh...Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover
Dig a little deeper, and you might find a fascinating tale! More »
Should You Date Your Ex’s Friend?
If your ex’s bestie makes a play for you after the breakup, proceed with caution. Be sure your feelings are strong enough to risk any chance of friendship with your ex down the road. More »
Good Catch, Bad Fit
Checking off the must-have items on your list isn’t going to find you a remarkable romance. Tuning into your instincts instead might get you a lot closer. More »
Is It the Real Thing?
Survey the territory before assuming you're headed for ties that bind. More »
Stroke His...Ego
Size matters...the size of your compliments, that is. More »
What's Better Than a Soul Mate?
Waiting for your soul mate can lead to distraction and disappointment. A fantastic relationship doesn't just come to you; you have to cultivate it. More »
Cheer Up! It's Just a Breakup, Not the End of the World
If you want to get over a split with your lover, find new ways to love yourself. Find ways to get out of your rut and grow. More »
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Wild Love Confessions

Love, Lust, & Revenge
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