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Wild Love Confessions

Love, Lust, & Revenge
Dangers of the Office Crush
It’s okay to lust after the hottie at work, but beware if you act on it. Climbing into bed with a coworker can sink your career. More »
Calling It Off Isn’t Grounds for Name Calling
Recognizing a bad match doesn’t make you a bad person. No matter which side of the breakup you’re on. More »
Is Your Lover a Babe or a Baby?
Immature behavior can drag a relationship into the mud. So grow up and deal with it! More »
Second Chances: Do They Work?
You can't flip a switch and have a relationship do-over. But you can ask for a second chance. More »
Don’t Settle for What’s Here, Go and Find What’s Out There
Continuing to date someone who rates low on your match meter will fill your days and nights. But you’ll ultimately wind up feeling empty. More »
The Best Advice Comes From Within
When friends and family try to tell you how you should pump up your dating game, ask yourself if you’d want to be in a relationship with them. If not, blow off that blustery advice. More »
Be Great (Not just Good!) in Bed
It's pretty easy to be good in bed. After all, even the worst orgasms are still enjoyable. But to be really great - the kind of lover that'll make your dates brag to their friends - you have to step up your game. More »
Work It Out: Pick Up Strategies for the Gym
Is your heart pounding at the gym? Maybe it's not your workout - but the cutie doing squats across the room. Here's how to make your move. More »
It’s OK to Be a Hummingbird … Among Social Butterflies
Bring on the shy ones…you’ll find a quiet storm there that transmits a special kind of electricity. More »
If You Want the Long-Term Payoff, You’ve Got to Invest Now
Insisting you’re always right won’t help you and your sweetie grow closer. Bank on love and put in some extra effort. More »
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Wild Love Confessions

Love, Lust, & Revenge
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