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Wild Love Confessions

Love, Lust, & Revenge
If He Can't Give a Little, Should You Take a Hike?
His financial frugality could be the tip of the iceberg. You might be dating a guy who withholds more than money. More »
How Can You Say You're Not Interested Without Crushing Their Ego?
Sometimes there comes a time when you realize that the path you’re on is not the right one for you. If you’re a caring person, then you face a difficult decision.Taking the blame can get you out of the game without injuring your date's pride. More »
What Does She Like About You? Five Smooth Moves
So sometimes, guys, you feel like you hear about nothing but your shortcomings, don't you? Want to hear at least five things you're doing right? More »
What Is Your Silence Saying?
Pay attention to communication gaps and you might be able to fill those sneaky voids in your relationship. More »
Feeling Ex-hausted, Ex-hilarated or in Ex-stacy?
When you're getting to know someone new, beware of those feelings bubbling up about your ex. They may keep you from moving on and moving forward. More »
Stop Searching for Your Ideal Match and Get to Know Yourself
If dating has taken a nose-dive lately, try stepping back and taking a closer look at yourself and your friends. Then you can find a better fit. More »
Single? Stay Sizzlin' This Summer
Bummed that you're facing a long, hot summer without someone to share it with? Cheer up with this prescription for summer lovin'. More »
Get Serious!
If dating goes well and want something more, sooner or later, you have to have it: the exclusivity talk. More »
Win Her Over With Extra Effort
Stand out by giving your sweetie special attention. Your thoughtful gestures will strengthen your bond so that it's unbreakable. More »
Ask and You Shall Receive
You can't always get what you want. But if you don't ask, you definitely won't. If you want to attract an ideal mate, you’ve got to present your best self. If you want love, you’ve got to seek it. If you want connection, you’ve got to make it. More »
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Wild Love Confessions

Love, Lust, & Revenge
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