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Dating Disasters

Married Twins
When my brother, Dave, and I were nineteen, we got married to our high school sweethearts who were also twins. We had a double wedding and, to save money, we stayed in the same room together. We ended up having a foursome. It was hot! Two months later, both sisters found out they were pregnant. It turns out that my sister-in-lawís baby is mine, and my wifeís baby is my brotherís! We all share a house now, so sleeping in different rooms occurs on a regular basis. Sometimes, my sister-in-law and her husband come over and join in on the action. Now she is pregnant! Itís definitely not her husbandís. So, it could be my baby, or my nephew, or just my nephew by my brother. Our parents still donít know what goes on during our family swinger parties. They keep asking why they are never invited over. -Craig, 21
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