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I've been into wearing thongs for quiet a while. It first started at home when I lived at my parent's house. I've got a sister and two brothers; I'm in the middle. I started to go through my sister's dirty hamper and would like to smell them, and of course, try them on and take pictures for myself. This was about five years ago. Currently, I have a girlfriend that I'm now living with. Lately, I've been laid of work so I've got all this time to myself. I got curious about wearing all her sexy clothing, and I think she could not figure out why some of her panties began to disappear. Well, I told her maybe someone was going through our stuff in the laundry room. She agreed with me and let it drop until the other day. I was posing in front of the mirror at home wearing this black g-string and bra of hers. I'm not going to lie; the picture I took without showing my head looked pretty hot. I then was fooling around and accidently sent it to one of her coworkers with the extra phone she has. -Rico, 28
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