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No Harm In Kissing
I have a very good friend, and now I frequently have sex with her husband. I certainly did not plan for this. They invited me to join them for a week at their cabin on the lake. One evening while my girlfriend was in the nearby town buying groceries, her husband and I were talking about sex. Apparently, he was feeling pretty neglected in that department. I jokingly told him he would not have that problem with me. He asked if I was a good kisser. When I told him I thought I was, he said I should prove it. So, I walked over to him and gave him a sensual kiss. I figured there was no harm in kissing him. It was just meant to be for fun. But then he pulled me to him, and my entire body was pressed up against his. He lifted me onto the table, and then we had sex right there. After my girlfriend got back, we acted like nothing had happened. We still hook up about twice a week. -Elaine, 24
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