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Dating Disasters

I worked as a millwright in a large factory. The business was sold and most everyone was let go. I was pretty good at what I did, so I decided to go into business as a handyman. I was good with plumbing, carpentry, electrical, and just about anything else, so I figured that I'd do well as a handyman. Business turned out to be much better than I had dreamed possible. I had plenty of repeat call backs and tons of referrals. Life was great, and it got better. A lot of my customers were women both single and married. Not meaning to brag, but Iím a pretty decent looking guy. I work out a lot and stay in good shape. It seems that the ladies are lonely and they're looking for companionship. I'm your man. In addition to the fringe benefits, the pay was better than my previous job. What a great country. -Winston, 37
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