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Jockstrap Underwear
My new underwear of choice is a full fashion jockstrap. They're not cheap, but are they ever comfortable. I have never worn anything quite so sensual as a fashion jockstrap. The pouch is form fitting and it feels quite nice. In fact, I seem to be in a somewhat heightened state most of the time. Not by choice, mind you. In addition to the comfort factor, the ladies seem to prefer a guy in a jock versus briefs. The pouch is made of a semi sheer nylon fabric and it is very stretchy, and see through. There have been times when my girlfriend wants to pleasure me while I have the jock on. The only problem with that is that the pouch needs cleaning. It's not really a problem because the fabric rubbing against my manhood feels very good. My new underwear of choice is now a jockstrap and I love it. -Rob, 27
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