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Don't Let Your Body Image Hold You Back

You've been seeing someone new and you're ready to take it to the next level. But you're afraid your sweetie will be disappointed that your body doesn't look quite as good with all the flaws uncovered. Try some tactical maneuvers as well as some self-help strategies.

Pump Yourself Up

Exercise is a big confidence booster. If you're worried that you're a bit flabby around the middle or jiggly in unappealing places, exercise a few hours before your big date. Your skin will have good color and tone and your muscles will feel more taut. All of this makes you look more attractive, but more important, you'll feel more appealing to your new lover.

Plan the Setting

If you're feeling a bit uncertain about how attractive your new mate will find your body, plan for the seduction to take place near the bedroom. Make sure you have low lighting where your make-out session will begin, and especially where you'll finish the act. Have a throw blanket handy for moving from one location to another so you can strategically cover up your weakest assets.

Take It Slow

Build confidence and tension by taking it slow in the beginning. Take some sneak peeks at the goods without baring it all. Teasing and backing off will stoke that fire from a simmer to a full burn before you're ready to roast those marshmallows.

Let It Go

When the heavy-duty action begins, you need to focus on your partner and your lovemaking, not on your fears. If you keep your sweetie busy feeling good, you can both dismiss those less-than-ideal bulges and focus on the peaks and valleys that are the main attraction. Keep your mind and body in tune with your lover and your weak spots will fade into the background as your hot spots glow stronger.

In all aspects of dating, your hang-ups can stand in the way of the fun and pleasure a new partner can bring. Don't let your fears restrict you; be brave and fulfill the promise.

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