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What He Thinks/She Thinks About Love, Sex, and Who's to Blame

Evolutional biologists long believed that men react more strongly to a partner's sexual infidelity while women have a stronger reaction to emotional betrayal. It all boils down to natural selection, the argument goes. Men developed sexual jealousy as a mechanism to prevent having to care for another man's child, while women developed emotional jealousy to prevent a loss of resources to another woman.

Research is beginning to show otherwise - that men and women react to jealousy in much the same way. But we thought we'd ask the real experts.

Who has a bigger jealous streak?

He Says:

Men get a bad rap for being jealous. But I think women are every bit as jealous, if not more. A lot of studies used to claim that men were more likely to kill their spouses in a jealous rage, for example. But many of those studies didn't factor that men are just more likely to commit all types of violent crime. When the proportion of murders involving jealousy was taken into account, women were found to be just as likely to kill their mates in a fit of jealousy. So there!

She Says:

I think men and women are equally jealous. Men might be better at hiding it, since women tend to be a little more "emotional." But deep down, I think we're the same in that sense. Jealousy in both sexes stems from low self-esteem, this feeling of inferiority, which makes us vulnerable to feeling unappreciated and brings a fear of being cheated on or rejected. Since men aren't any more immune to feeling insecure than women, it makes sense that we're both equally able to be "green."

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