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Keep Her Secrets on Lock Down

By Claire Aldrich

When your sweetheart really rocks your world, it’s hard to resist telling all your friends. But keeping mum about those magnificent bedroom moves may be the best decision you ever made.

Intimate Investment
Let me get this straight—you have the sexiest girl alive, and you want to blast it to all your friends? If you tell just one friend about that secret contortion she does when you two are alone, you’re playing with fire. He’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two girlfriends, and eventually word will get back to your woman that you are a blockhead. She does these things because she feels safe with you and finds you irresistible. If you kiss and tell, you’ve just turned that whole dynamic upside down. You’re in the doghouse and may never get back into the bedroom.

Your Eyes Only
Similarly, if your girl feels confident enough to pose for the camera when she’s overly exposed, you’d better keep the photo developing in the darkroom. If you bring out those pics in public, she’ll pick you off like a sitting duck. Plus, if you’ve got one of her, then most likely she’s got one of you. And you can bet your flesh looks less attractive in the glaring daylight than hers does. So tread tenderly--no photo sniping or public sharing unless you want to be publicly shamed.

Parade of the Past
If she trusts you enough to talk about mistakes she made before she met you, you’d better not make the mistake of sharing with your buddies. She’s opening up to you--not them. And if word spreads that she did some explicit modeling or had an embarrassing run-in with the law, she’s likely to give you a run-in with solitary confinement that you’ll never forget.

Expensive Payback
When you risk the kiss and tell, you’d better keep in mind that it works both ways. If you’re sharing with your buddies, she’s got free reign to dish the dirt with her gal pals as well. Then her friends will forever know your most personal details—size, shape and any oddities you might have. They’ll also have the inside scoop about how you perform—or not!

If you want to keep your lovely lady coming on strong, you’d better keep her talents hidden behind the magic curtain. No matter how tempted you are, keep that spicy edit out of your storytelling or she’ll turn you into the king of bland land.

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