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Single? Stay Sizzlin' This Summer

By Laura Snyder

When Mother Nature turns up the heat, even the most swinging singleton may cool to the idea of facing the dog days of summer alone. Happy, sappy couples head off on long weekends and romantic holidays, and you're stuck feeling like the leftover potato salad no one wanted at the picnic. But with our guide to seasonal solo fun, this summertime the livin' will be easy.

Let Go of the Expectations

There's some unspoken pressure for single folks to live it up during the summer. Maybe it's the heat, the lengthier drink tabs, or the skimpier clothes. Whatever the cause, don't cave to the feeling that you need to be jetting off to some exotic locale every weekend, dancing until dawn to be having a good time.

Celebrate Your Independence

Even though your coupled-up pals might be cooing with joy over their weekend camping trips or bed-and-breakfast breaks, you can bet that at least one of those partners would rather be doing something else. Isn't it great that you've got 15 weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day to do whatever you damn well please? Sign up for that rock climbing adventure or two-day gourmet cooking class you've been meaning to.

Don't Forget Your Not-So-Single Pals

Never operate under the assumption that just because your pals are all married or in a relationship that they're busy this weekend. Sometimes spouses and partners have other stuff to do. Sometimes one person's away on business. And sometimes, those couples are just plain tired of each other. Act on that by planning a weekend away with the girls or boys.

Surf the Heat Wave

Summer is sexy! According to Galdino Pranzarone, a certified sexologist at Roanoke College in Virginia, you're experiencing a surge of hormones with those long hours of daylight. Everybody's wearing less and looking to hook up more. And you, you lucky bachelor/ette you, can get out there and pluck those delicious hotties off the summer street like ripe fruit off a tree.

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