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By Terrey L. Hatcher

So many people are looking for that one true love. Many think they’ve found that special person. But then….

Then, life gets busy, the passion eases, then tension increases and things start to get a little boring.

And they wonder…is this really my soul mate? Why don’t I get those thrills and chills anymore when we touch or kiss? Why don’t we touch or kiss very often at all?

What happened to that special feeling? Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s your fault as much as your lover’s.

Listen Up
If you want that tingly feeling when you’re around your mate, then you need to be a person who gives thrills and chills first.

In other words, if you want your lover to treat you like you’re special, then you should try doing the same.

For guys, start by listening to her words. What does she talk about? What does she care about? Also try to notice her hair, her clothes and her scent (perfume, hair, skin, and so on). When something changes, mention it and tell her specifically how much you like it. Be attentive!

For ladies, listen for what he complains about and try to help. Also, notice what he compliments, and try to do more of that. Be giving!

Take Action
Men can also earn big points by doing little things. If you recognize some mundane chores that she gets burned out doing, pick up the slack once in a while. Surprise her by washing the sheets, making her lunch before work or getting the cat’s shots at the vet.

Women can also gain their man’s appreciation by doing some job around the house that he usually takes care of—mowing, making the coffee, taking out the trash or grooming the dog.

But beyond those general suggestions, you’ll make the most difference by paying attention to what makes your partner feel loved.

Satisfy Desires
If she begs for massages, get your hands oiled up! If it’s time with his friends that he yearns for, suggest a boys’ night.

Tailor your attention to what matters most to your sweetheart, and you’re sure to inspire some thrills and chills. Satisfying your honey’s desires is the key to feeling desired and satisfied.

Yes, I know, you want more than satisfaction with your relationship. You want passion and electricity. But if you start by making each other happy in unexpected ways, you’ll jump start that special vibe that drew you together. You’ve got the keys, so shift back into drive, baby!

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