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6 Ways to Stand Out in a Crowd

By Laura Snyder

So many of us meet our mates when we least expect it – in the elevator, waiting in line for coffee, or killing time on public transportation. With time of the essence, how can you get noticed, get a connection, and get a phone call later?

Notice Me Move #1: Just Relax!

You’re a palm-sweating, cotton-mouthed, fast-talking and eager-to-impress nervous wreck. But before you launch off into some mentally rehearsed witty banter, take a deep breath and try to be natural. Don’t assume that with that one sparkling sentence, you'll stumble across the magic words to convince a perfect stranger to fall in love with you, or, at the very least, follow you home for a night of hot nookie.  Instead of looking at this one line as being a make-or-break move, remember it for what it really is - a way to kick off a casual chat.

Notice Me Move #2: But Take It Seriously.

It’s good that you recognize that you’re just socializing, not negotiating the next Cuban missile crisis. But there is some gravity to this situation. Enough to require you to be clean, reasonably dressed and well-mannered. We’re not suggesting formal wear just to pick up the morning paper, but you don’t want to give that cutie in line ahead of you the impression that you can’t be bothered to take care of yourself.

Notice Me Move #3: Have Fun.

You’re probably better looking with a smile on your face, but in addition to that, you’re also going to be more charismatic. People are naturally drawn to someone they perceive as fun, someone who’s active in their surroundings. Hiding in the back of the bar, or lingering by the buffet table all night won’t get you anywhere – get involved!

Notice Me Move #4: Say Something.

While you’re hoping to impress with your stories of heroism and daring deeds, your would-be date’s eyes are glazing over. Show an interest in getting to know them, and save your stories for your first date. Get your crush talking by asking an open-ended question - and not the 'You want some fries with that shake?' variety. Why do you think "Come here often?" gets used so often? It works.

Notice Me Move #5: Be Mysterious.

Keep your interest subtle enough that he or she wonders where it’s heading. It’s that whole idea of always leave ‘em wanting more. Before he or she starts scanning the room in indifference, excuse yourself to visit the bathroom, regroup with your friends or even flirt with a rival. Be a little bit of a challenge.

Notice Me Move #6: Close the Deal!

Obviously, just making a superficial connection isn’t enough – you want to see this person again, right? You’d be surprised by how many guys (and girls) will chat up a potential honey all night only to leave without making plans to reconnect. Try a simple line like “I’d like to get to know you better, could I call you sometime?” It doesn’t hurt if you can include something you talked about earlier, say, mentioning you’d like to invite him or her to a concert by a band you discussed.

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