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Donít Let Dirty Talk Get You in a Mess

By Kailey Huff

Talking dirty can open some intriguing doors in the bedroom, if you can carry it off. It can also get some doors slammed in your face with emphasis if you mess up!

The key to successful sexy talk is knowing what turns your partner onÖor off! How open can you be together? If you want to be creative, you can consider ways to kick it up a notch, but you donít want to end up kicked out of bed!

Go for Sensual and Sensitive
Youíll find that some women want to be told in suggestive detail what you plan to do together. But using explicit words like the P word or the C word very likely could turn the mood from hot to freezing!

Some men want you to tell them how youíre going to take charge and make them itch for more, faster. But if you go too far, they may feel like youíre taking over their role--then they might just roll out the door.

Respect the Boundaries
Speaking of roles, you can sometimes add some excitement with some dress up and role-playing. If one of you is providing a service, and the other is reaping the benefits, that can be fun. But avoid getting too immersed in the control or conquer mode because you always need to respect your partnerís boundaries and choices. Make sure you agree on how to communicate whatís pleasant and whatís not acceptable.

Itís okay to get a little kinky, but use good judgment to avoid straying into the creepy zone. If you cross the line, your honey will never see you the same way again, and youíll lose any chance of ever getting the goods in the future.

Offer Tempting Options
Your lover might find it especially enticing if you describe two moves youíd like to make and then question which one your partner would like more. That way, you build up the anticipation and make sure youíre on the right track with what pushes your partnerís buttonsÖon, not off!

If you want to succeed with sexy talk, youíll have to get to know not just how your partnerís body responds, but also how to feed your loverís individual fantasies. Invite some input! If you can turn on your loverís mind, things might take some surprising twists when you turn off the lights. See what happens when you get a little naughty!

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