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Her Secret Internet Life
I had met this girl at a local coffee house we hit it off and exchanged phone numbers. We ended up going out the next night, things were going great! We went to the park watched a movie, having a really fun time. Later she asked if it wouldn't be out of the question if we went to a store to look at DVD's, her car was in the shop and she had no way to get around. I agreed of course, she ended up buying like 10 dvds, then later she bought a digital camera and an mp3 player for when she works out. By this time I had to ask her where all the money was coming from. She revealed that she worked online as a mistress. This scared me, I was so afraid she'd practice on me. I ended up inviting a friend to dinner so I would not have to be alone with her. Somehow I survived the night, never to talk to her again. -- Tim, 24
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