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The Rude Slob
Thank God I'm not single anymore! I met a guy on a blind date once who looked okay in his photos and seemed decent enough on the phone, but the humor was a little dry. I thought maybe he'd loosen up in person. When I met him, I saw that he had worn a powder blue polo shirt with some big yellowish (mustard?) stain down the front of it to the date. So, my first impression was not a good one, having him show up looking like he was ready to do yard work. Then, during the meal, it all went downhill. He apparently had no concept of waiting to talk until after he had swallowed all of his food. He talked through every bite, spitting bits of food everywhere. I couldn't wait to get out of there! Finally, we were leaving and, at the curb outside the trendy restaurant, he reached out to shake my hand and said, "Well, I typically end it here. Nice to meet you!" As if I was supposed to be begging for more time with this rude slob. He called me the next day to say he had a good time and to see if I wanted to get together again. Fat chance! -- Evelyn, 28
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