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I have been with my husband, Billy, since January of 2000. We met while in the Army. Then we had a child and got married. I thought that he was the man of my dreams, the love of my life, honest and faithful. I thought wrong. As of today, six years and two children later, I just found out that my husband has been cheating on me all along. Billy is twenty-six years old, and I am his second wife. He has a child from that previous marriage. He always made it seem that his ex's and girlfriends cheated on him, leaving him the innocence one. I am so faithful and I have never cheated on him. But in August he up and abandoned our family and marriage to live with his parents. Now that he lives with them, and he is acting like a single man. He has no respect whatsoever for me, our kids, our marriage, nor even himself. His parents know what he is doing since he brings these other girls home to their house. I found out that my husband has slept around with six other females that I know of and maybe more that I don't know of. He even cheated on me before deploying to Iraq, and then continued to cheat while he was in Iraq. I am so hurt since he told me that he hates me, doesn't love me anymore, and doesn't care for me. I am thinking about leaving him. I hope to God that what goes around comes around, and that someone will break his heart the way he has broken my heart into pieces. -- Leslie, 29
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