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I dated this guy in high school who was nice, but we never really clicked. We both moved on, dated other people, did the college thing, and both ended up getting married. I had two kids and ended up being divorced when they were pretty young. One day, I ran into Warren at a soccer game for my son. He was the coach because he had a son the same age. We hit it off really well and took the kids for ice cream after the game so we could catch up. A couple of weeks later, he called me out on a real date without the kids. I thought it was great, and we went to an expensive restaurant. While we were eating, his wife came in, screamed at him that he was a sleazy cheater, screamed at me that I was a “floozy”, and then took our dinner plates and dumped them on top of us! She then sat down at our table, began to cry, and told him how much she loved him and would take him back. To my amazement, he told her okay, and they left together. They stuck me with the bill, a taxi ride home, and a dry cleaning bill! -- Tiffany, 37
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