Casting Call

My friend called me up and said he was doing this movie and asked if I wanted to be in it. I said sure and went over to his place. So, this other guy is there, too, and it's just the three of us. This other guy, whose name was Robby, and I started to make out in a love scene. Before I knew it, I was getting turned on by him. It didn't hurt that he was hot and that I hadn't had sex in like forever. So, his hands started exploring down my pants, and I couldn't help it. I started to moan. I kind of forgot it was supposed to be a movie, and I forgot my other friend was right there watching. Well, Robby managed to get my pants off and his, too. He's right on top of me, and then we had the most fantastic sex ever. As he rolled off and we were both spent, I suddenly remembered Josh and his camera. I was all embarrassed at first, but then he told me he had wanted to do a porno movie but didn't think I'd agree if he told me. So, he set the whole thing up with Robby. I was a bit mad at first, but then I thought that it was okay because I got to have great sex and keep a copy of the tape. Oh, and Robby comes over every now and then and we repeat the whole thing only without Josh and the camera. He's one of the few guys I've ever had that knows exactly how to please me every time.

— Tamara, 24

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