I Never Wanted Him Anyway

Yeah, yeah, I know this sounds bad, but I'm in love with my boyfriend's best friend. I never really liked my boyfriend much. I like his best friend. His friend was always entertaining to me, but my boyfriend was so lame and quiet. After all, I'm a woman that needs me some action. So, one day I went to my boyfriend's house. He was not home yet from work. When I got there, his best friend was sitting on the outside steps. I couldn't help myself. I went up to him and kissed him. We started to make out on the front steps of my boyfriend's house. My boyfriend pulled up into the driveway and caught us. He was upset, but then he said that he had known from the start that I wanted his friend. Ever since that night, his friend has been going out with me. And, believe it or not, my ex and I are now good friends.

— Lequisha, 20

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