Subtle But Effective

I had noticed that my husband was starting to get gray pubic hair. He was already dying the hair on his head. So, whenever the occasion presented itself, I would suggest to him in a serious and concerned way that he simply shave off his pubic hair so he'd look and feel younger. I would even bring his attention to current magazine articles on how today's "metrosexual" males were either shaving or having their scrotums professionally waxed. Well, my persistence paid off. He gradually began to trim his genital hair, and each time I would comment on how much younger he looked. Last weekend, I was thrilled to see him step out of the shower with absolutely no pubic hair. I made a big fuss about how great he looked so he will continue shaving for me. And if he should ever mention my full bush, I'm going to tell him it stays the way it is until he starts seeing gray hairs on me. Believe me, he'll let me know since I have him down there a lot lately.

— Victoria, 34

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