Pet Shop Fun

We have a small shop in a small, rural town. Being the exhibitionist I am, I dress really sexy. I love to wear really short skirts and no panties and high heels. I cover up whenever I think someone may be offended by my attire. However, most of the men who frequent my shop love the view, and I enjoy showing it to them. We have video surveillance, and I keep it locked on the customers when they are here, and I view it later, sometimes while playing with my toys! This one day, a good-looking man showed up who needed some fish. Darn, they were on the upper level and would require me to climb a ladder. I could tell he liked what he saw when he met me. As I prepared to get his fish, I made small talk. As I climbed the ladder, I noticed he watched my every move. I stepped up slowly and slightly bent forward sticking out my rear end. His eyes were glued to me. I spread my legs slightly as I asked what he would like. Looking me in the eye he said, "I want this," as he reached out and stroked me. His touch sent chills throughout my body. He caressed my body and pulled me off the stool. I was so excited as he kissed and caressed me. His fingers worked magic. I couldn't resist giving him oral. He was so delicious. He had his hands stroking my hair, face and shoulders. He was moaning so loudly I thought someone may come in and catch us. When he couldn't take anymore, he pulled me up to him and kissed me deeply. Then, we had sex. After he was done, he pulled me to him again and gave me a deep kiss that left me breathless. After giving me his card and selecting some fish, he left with a smile on his face. Later that day, my boyfriend came to work and started rubbing me under my skirt. He asked what kind of day I had, and all I could say was wet. That night, he gave it to me good, and sex was so much more exciting just thinking about the guy I had earlier. I realized I still had the entire act on video. Now, the real question; should I share it with my boyfriend?

— Virginia, 28

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