Sloppy Drunk Sex

I had been seeing this really nice guy for a while. Unfortunately, I wasn't his one and only. I was the "other woman" in the picture instead. He was in a committed relationship and had a child. He always had a justifiable reason for why he couldn't see me. Yet, he expected me to put my own life on hold when he was down for some booty. This one night, I blew him off to go hang out with one of my guy friends. In response, he took his pity party way too far by refusing to call and all but dropping off the face of the earth. I was a little hurt and thought getting drunk one afternoon might be the answer to my problems. I ended up getting drunk and horny, something I hadn't anticipated, and I started dialing numbers in an attempt to find my man. I got a hold of his brother. I confessed that I was slightly intoxicated, and he told me that I should come to his house and wait because he expected his brother shortly. Needless to say, I left in a hurry, blinded by the prospect of having some sloppy drunk sex. After some not-very-appropriate conversation and an orgasmic back massage from his brother, I ended up having sloppy drunk sex, but certainly not with the brother I had planned to have it with. After an hour and a half of hardcore porno sex (talking dirty, spanking, more positions than I can count, etc.), we decided that it would be our little secret and that it definitely wouldn't be the last time.

— Corrine, 18

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