Our Neighbors

My husband and I fantasized for years about having sex with a black couple. We like to watch IR videos. That gets us ready for some hot sex. But, we never had the opportunity to make it a reality. Then, last year, a black couple moved into the neighborhood. We met them walking down the street shortly after they arrived. We talked and became friendly. That continued for a while when we would run into them at various places. Then, one day, they invited us for drinks at their house. They sat on one sofa, and we sat on another facing them. After a short while, it became apparent that he was flirting with me, and she was flirting with my husband. Both my husband and I liked them and were attracted to them, but we had no thought about something like this happening. We started making eye contact. Each of us knew what the other was thinking. Then, they made an excuse to go into the kitchen. I assume they wanted us to have a chance to talk, and they wanted the same for themselves. My husband and I agreed that we wanted to do them. I said that when they returned, I would get up, sit close to him, and see what happened. When they returned, after talking and flirting a few more minutes, I did. She immediately took the hint and sat close to my husband. I gave him that "I want you badly" look, and he started kissing me. When I turned, I saw my husband kissing her. Things just took their course. Before I knew it, we were all having sex. After two hours, the guys were done. She and I were still hot. She looked at me, and I looked at her. Neither had any idea or knowledge that the other was bi. We just went for it. The guys just sat back, had a beer, and loved the show.

— Lolita, 30

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