Fantastic Weekend

I recently went to my sister and brother-in-law's twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in another city. My husband had to work, so he didn't come with me. They were having a big party with all of the members of the wedding party and a few good friends. I agreed to help with the party, which was at their house, getting food and drinks ready and setting everything up the night before. My nephew and a couple of his friends were also helping out by putting up the tent and bringing in tables. They were all in the range of twenty-one or twenty-two years old. When we were pretty much done, we all started drinking and talking about the wedding. I was only nineteen when they got married and they were kidding me about my bad reputation, including performing oral sex on one of the groomsmen after the rehearsal. I was a little too drunk to be embarrassed and it had been a long time ago. I volunteered to clean up so my sister and her husband could get some sleep for the big party the next day. My nephew crashed and one of his friends started helping me clean up. I was loading the dishwasher when he came up behind me and told me he wished he had known me twenty-five years ago! We flirted a little and he asked to kiss me. I was a little reluctant; I didn't want anyone to see, but also was turned on. I suggested we go out to the party tent so no one would see. We snuck under the tent flaps which we had put down, and we had an incredibly passionate kiss; he had the softest tongue! I decided to relive the rehearsal night and undid his jeans right there and performed oral sex on him! The next day, we were very friendly and at the end of the night, I snuck off with him to his car on the excuse we needed more ice. We had a quickie in his back seat. What a fantastic weekend for a forty-three year old!

— Julie, 43

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