Walk In The Woods

Kurt and I had known each other for as long as I can remember. We are next door neighbors and see each other every day. Over the years, Kurt has grown into quite the hunk. From what I can see and how the guys always stare, my body has shaped up quite nicely as well. One day while I was walking the dog, Kurt was running and we passed each other. We chit-chatted it up for a while. Finally, I worked up the nerve to ask him to walk with me the next morning. We had a break from school and neither of us was busy, so he said sure. This was amazing because I always had a thing for Kurt, and this would be the perfect opportunity because I felt he liked me, too. The next morning I took some extra time to get ready. We met up and got to walking. We walked and talked for a long time until we came to a bridge over a small creek where we decided to sit. Somewhere the topic of choice had changed to sex. It turned out that we were both still virgins. I was shocked to learn that he was. He could probably get any girl he wanted. I figured this would be the perfect time. So, I slid over a little closer to him. I commented on how he had a very hot body and then told him how I had always liked him. He felt the same way. Before I knew it, we were having a very steamy make-out session in the middle of the woods! One thing led to another, and we had sex. It was amazing. Ever since then, Kurt and I have been together and have sex regularly.

— Jocelyn, 19

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