Hard To Move On

I really liked this guy more than I had ever liked anyone before. He told me he liked me like that, too. He was my first love, so I gave my virginity to him. Then he left for college and didn't call me for four weeks. I heard that he had been cheating on me for the last month that we were together with this girl that he worked with. I finally spoke to him last night, and he said that if I were to believe that crap I was dumb because he was with me at all times. Before I met him, I couldn't stay with one guy for more then three days. Then I met him and we were together for seven months. Now that he is gone, I have gone back to my player phase and I can't stop. I really like him. Everyone thinks that I am over him, but I am not. He told me that he met this girl. I acted as if I was happy for him, but I just wanted to break down and cry. I miss him and still love him. It is really hard to move on, but I will soon enough.

— Kate, 19

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