Surrendering To Temptation

Sean plays on my rec-league beach volleyball team and we had been flirting for months. When my husband took our son to a Little League tournament a few weeks ago, I surrendered myself to temptation. I texted Sean on Saturday afternoon to see what he was doing; he said he was playing soccer, but mentioned we should get together after. I dressed sexily in short shorts and a tight polo and drove downtown to the park I knew he was playing at. I parked next to the field and saw him playing, and he drove me wild. His shirt was off, and watching his long, lean, chiseled body in action made me excited. He was easily the best player on his team, just like he is in volleyball. When he and his friends finally finished, I went over to talk to him. He said he had to go home and shower before he went anywhere, which was fine with me. I gave him a ride to his condo, and it was breathtaking; a gorgeous, open loft. He didn't waste much time making his move, and we started making out passionately. Before I knew it, our clothes were off and I was giving him oral. I knew he'd be huge - he's six foot five - but I was still amazed when I saw his endowment. I was shaking in anticipation of what was to come. We had sex four times in almost every position. I've never been with a man with as much stamina. It was incredible. I went home feeling sort of guilty, but after reminiscing about how good Sean was, the guilt subsided. I've been sleeping with him a few times a week since, and my husband doesn't know a thing.

— Heather, 32

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