My Young Lover

It all began last summer. My daughter told her husband that she was going on holiday to Canada to visit her female cousins. He wasn't invited as it was an all girl thing he would be bored. Although my son-in-law was disappointed, he was not surprised as things had broken down somewhat in their marriage. Arrangements were made that he would have his evening meals with me when he wanted. My daughter is twenty-five and my son-in-law is twenty-eight. They were married six years ago, the year before her father died after a long illness. She seemed to change after that as she was very fond of her father. I didn't agree with her going to Canada and told her so a number of times. Her husband is a gentle, loving man with whom I get on with very well. We have the same interests and sense of humor, and he helped me cope during my bereavement so much so that I used to confide in him and ask for his advice on private matters. Anyway, he decided to take his leave the same time as his wife and, during the three weeks, he began to spend more and more time in my company. He would visit me mid-morning, take me shopping, and even walk around the stores pushing the trolley. A typical week would be, one day he would take me shopping in the morning, and then go for lunch in a local pub, then to the cinema, and afterwards, either go to my home for a meal or a restaurant. When we stayed in, we would have a drink and watch TV, or just sit and talk. I don't drink much and one whisky does me the whole night; he didn't drink as he had to drive home. We went for a drive down to the coast a couple of times, and he even came as my partner to a dance held by the local community council. It was on such a night that he held me close while we danced and I felt pleasantly secure and comfortable in his arms. When the three weeks were up and he went back to his normal routine, I took it very bad as I loved every minute of him being around. Nothing sexual happened and the nearest thing was an occasional peck on the cheek and at times, he would put his arm around me while watching TV or at the cinema. I felt like a young woman again when these things happened. My husband had a long illness and I hadn't had sex for ten years. I am fifty-five years of age and I miss that part of my life. This summer, the same thing happened. My daughter announced that she was going to Canada again, only this time things between her and my son-in-law had deteriorated to the extent they slept in separate rooms and had discussed divorce. My son-in-law suspected there was someone over in Canada, and unfortunately, so did I. He apparently hadn't had sex for over six months. The same arrangements were made that he would come to me for meals, but he told me that we would continue the same as last year if that was okay with me. I was over the moon when he told me and began to feel excited and happy that I was going to have another three weeks of his company. He took his leave as usual, but this time he said he would call early in the morning to make it a longer day. The first week started off as usual and we went to the cinema, and then for a drink at a nearby inn. We went home and spent the evening talking. He kept kissing me on the cheek and whispering in my ear how fond of me he was. On the third day, the weather was terrible with the rain lashing down, so we decided to spend the day indoors and watch a movie on TV. I changed into my housecoat, which I usually did at night, and we settled down on the sofa with our drinks. At the end of the movie, I was feeling the effects of the number of whiskies I had trying to keep up with my son-in-law. He got up and put on some soft music and pulled me up to dance with him. It wasn't really dancing, just our arms around each other and swaying to the music. He held me close, plied me with kisses, and whispered sweet nothings in my ear. I enjoyed the coziness of the occasion and I told him how much I enjoyed his company and attention. When the music stopped, he held me closer and it was then I felt his excitement. After the initial surprise, I began to enjoy the sensations which were rising inside me. Before I knew what was happening, he undressed me as his hands started to explore every part of my body. After about ten minutes, he turned me around, placed his arm around my waist, and led me down the hall into my bedroom. He then lifted me onto the bed, took his clothes off, and slipped in alongside me. I lay there in anticipation of what was going to happen next. What happened in the living room had left me in a high sexual state. I didn't need to wait long as he started to caress my body and ultimately made love to me. That night I was wakened three times and each time we had sex which was as intense as the first time. We now have great sex every time we meet, on holiday, runs in the country, even in the car. We now sleep together like man and wife. I feel like a teenager again, happy and secure with my young lover.

— Anna, 55

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