Intercepted Email

I received a phone call one day out of the blue from my first love of thirty years ago. We talked for awhile and exchanged emails. We talked on the internet for a week or so, and then he happened to be in the area where I live one weekend. We met for a walk through the park. We chatted about what we had been doing the last thirty years, and then we parted. We continued talking on the internet, and he would call on the phone once in awhile. I was enjoying the reminiscing of old times. He remembered things about me that I had forgotten had happened. We decided to meet halfway between our homes. We went to a local restaurant and ate breakfast. We had great conversation and decided to find a park to sit and talk. Well, one thing led to another, and it was wonderful. It was just as good as it had been thirty years ago. We met a few more times for breakfast at our usual restaurant, and I fell in love with him again. We talked daily on the internet before and after work and before bedtime. He wrote the sweetest emails, and I thought he was just as in love with me as I was with him. He always told me he loved me and missed me in his emails. I traveled closer to where he lived for a three-day weekend and he met up with me. We took a long ride on his Harley, took bubble baths together, and most of all talked about everything. He's a good listener and adviser. I was so happy, and I felt he was too. The only thing wrong with this situation; he was married. We continued to email each other and met a few more times. I sent an email at the wrong time, and his wife read it. Now he is unable to speak to me. I haven't heard from him for two months, and my heart is broken again. I think of him always and wonder what he is doing, if he is happy, and if we will ever be able to talk or see each other again soon. I really miss him. I would love for him to be in my life everyday, not just by email, but by body and soul.

— Lana, 47

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