Blindfolded By Lust

My husband had some friends over on Friday. He often does, and they end up getting really rowdy watching sports, or really drunk, or both. The other day, his friends were over watching a Lakers game. I thought! But when I came into the room later, they were watching tapes that my husband had recorded of us having sex. I couldn't believe it. I was so mad and embarrassed. I started crying, yelled at him, and then turned off the TV. I was still yelling at him when I went up to our bedroom. He followed me and kept apologizing. I guess I was a little excited as he pinned me down and we started getting frisky. My husband is a master manipulator, and as he was kissing me, he was apologizing and telling me how beautiful I am. I fell for it, and soon we were making love. Then he got out the comfy cuffs that we have and hand-cuffed my hands above my head to the headboard like he has done many times before. He then used his ties to tie my ankles to each side of the bed. Then he blindfolded me and left the room. When he came back, he had his friends from downstairs with him. I could hear them coming, and I started getting upset again. I started screaming and calling him names as he put his hand over my mouth. I wanted to be so upset but I was so turned on when his friends started "checking my oil" as my husband called it. I couldn't tell who was doing it, but it was obvious they were taking turns. I was so excited that I forgot all about being mad. After that, my husband climbed on top of me and we had sex. After my husband finished, his friends started having sex with me. By this time, I was over the top. I could not handle the intensity. I was moaning so loud. I was out of control. This got everyone even more excited, and they were cheering each other on. The men were having a contest to see who could "get the most out of me"! The minute one would finish, the next one would climb on. It was a game. When they finished with me, my husband pulled the tie off my eyes and untied my legs and then my hands. I was walked downstairs with some assistance. They brought me a pillow and blanket off my bed, and I just lay down by the fire naked. I covered up and went to sleep. It was the most unbelievable night of my life.

— Rosie, 26

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