He's With Me

I'm twenty-nine and the administrative assistant to a senior vice president in my company. Many days, after the rest of the office staff leaves for the day, I go into his office and we have sex on the couch. My boss tells me I'm much more fun than his wife. I used to think about her and feel sorry for her, but not any more. I met her, and she is frumpy and out-of-shape. On the other hand, I dress to please my boss and exercise every day. He loves short skirts, so that is exactly what I wear for him. When he goes out of town, I accompany him. Although we register in separate rooms, I always stay in the same room with my boss. I enjoy taking care of his every need. Sometimes he even tells his wife that he is going out of town, but he is really just staying with me.

— Trish, 29

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