How To Proceed?

I am a twenty-three-year-old female and really confused. I love my husband, but he spends so much time traveling for his job. I guess things started when I started to spend a lot of time visiting with the man next door. He is in his early forties and divorced. He always had time to talk with me, and I enjoyed his company. Sometimes I would need something done around the house, and if my husband wasn't around, he was always willing to help me. Pretty soon, I was making excuses for him to come over. Maybe he sensed my loneliness. Perhaps he was lonely. In any event, pretty soon we were spending our evenings together, just talking or watching a movie together. At the end of the evening, he always went home to his place. I found myself wondering what it would be like if he didn't go home at the end of the evening. One evening, I finally found out. We were watching a romantic movie together, and for the first time he put his arm around me. He pulled me close, and I enjoyed curling up next to him. As we were watching the movie, my husband called. I talked to him but found myself wanting to get back to my neighbor. So, as soon as possible, I slid in close to my handsome neighbor. As I did so, he kissed me. I was surprised, but then we kissed again. Pretty soon we were fondling each other, and then we undressed each other. We had sex for the first time right on my couch. Afterwards, we went to my bedroom where we played together for the rest of the night. Since then, we are together every night when my husband is out of town. The truth is, now I enjoy being with my neighbor more than I enjoy my husband. Plus, I found out that I am carrying my neighbor's baby. He is delighted and wants to marry me if I divorce my husband. I'm very confused as to how to proceed at this point.

— Marcy, 23

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