My Ex And His Brother

I have been married for fifteen years and have never loved anybody as much as my husband. However, our sex life had taken a dive. My husband mentioned that he would go for anything that would increase my libido, reminding me how hot I was in the past. I remembered how hot things were with my ex-boyfriend that I haven't seen since a couple of years after high school. What a great lover he was. I asked my husband if he would agree to me paying my ex a visit as it might have a profound affect on my libido. He quickly agreed. I called and invited him over. My husband agreed to leave the house for the evening. Well, the physical chemistry was still there. My ex and I spent three hours catching up on every position. Right after my ex left, my husband came in as he had been parked down the road waiting for my ex to leave in his truck. My husband found me lying on the bed, ravished by my ex four times. The look of me drove my husband into a heated frenzy. As I told him step by step what happened, he began to pleasure both of us. Well, before my ex left, he mentioned that his younger brother always thought I was hot. As my husband and I lay there, I mentioned this and asked if he would like to secretly record me, my ex, and his brother for us to watch later. He immediately replied that it was a great idea. Well, several weeks later, I invited my ex over and requested he bring his brother along. My husband had set up a well-hidden camera. Well, the threesome was the wildest, hottest sex I have ever had. After they left, all I could do is just lay there, as I couldn't move. My husband came in and looked at me lying there and immediately rewound the tape. We fell fast asleep. The next morning when we woke, he passionately took me again, telling me how hot and beautiful I am, how much he loves me, and how lucky he is to be with me. Needless to say, we watch the tape several times a week. We end up having the best sex over and over, better than either one of us has ever had before. I do visit my ex and his brother at least once every three to four weeks. When I get home, I tell my husband the step by step playback. We don't seem to need to watch the tape on those nights! Let me tell you, I love my husband so very much and would never ever consider not being with him. He is my knight in shinning armor and clearly the best at everything.

— Lilly, 38

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