A Blast From The Past

It started about four years ago when I got in touch with an old boyfriend of mine. We had dated in our high school years. He is now married with two girls, and I am married with two boys. We always had great sex when we are together. He can keep me going for hours, as to where my husband can't. So, we decided to start seeing each other again. It was a lot of fun when we got together. I live about five hundred miles from him, so I had to do all of the traveling. He claimed he could not get away for the weekend, so I would meet him in his state. The only sad part was he only gave me four hours, sometimes only two hours, but it was grand time! There were times where I traveled down, he promised he would meet me, and then he would not show up. He always claimed that he could not get away. I drove by his house and saw his car still there, and the house all closed up, and I was so hurt. We kept telling each other that we loved each other, but he would not divorce his wife. We e-mailed a lot during the days, and sometimes we would get in a few phone calls. He sent me several nice gifts, and I got flowers from him. But here lately, I noticed that when I called him, he was very short to get rid of me on the phone. He got to where he did not answer my e-mails, and the gifts and flowers came to a halt. I questioned him about it, and he told me to give him time to think things through, that he was under a lot of stress at work. So, I did. He had started to move up in his job and travel to another town. So, when he was out of town, he would call me at night and tell me how much he wished I was there with him. That never happened. We have known each other for over twenty-seven years. We had short affairs earlier on but soon lost touch with each other. We just got back together again four years ago. In the times that we had the chance to be with each other, he kissed me with so much passion and depth that I thought I would pass out from not being able to breathe. I am head-over-heels in love with him, and I thought he was, too. But a few months ago everything stopped. I had sent him a gift, and he never thanked me for it like he has done in the past. I asked him if he got it, and then he thanked me for it, but it made me feel like I was not worthy of him any more. I asked him if he loved me still, and it took him three days to tell me to stop sending him gifts. He knew this was harsh, but things had changed, and he could not tell me why. He had a different e-mail account as to where we could talk more freely to each other and send pictures, but he never used it to explain to me why he quit talking to me or what was going on. He told me in the very last e-mail that he loved me. That was over forty-five days ago, and I have not heard from him since. I called him, and he refused to answer my phone calls. So, I took it that things were over between us. So, as a special gift, I sent his wife several of our love e-mails. I think it was twenty pages to start with. They have had several good long hours of fights over just my name. I wonder what this caused. I would have loved to have been a fly on that wall. I sent it to her when I knew he was out of town. What a nice surprise for him when he got home. All I did was love him and, for some crazy reason, I still do. I wished he still did, too.

— Audrey, 41

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