Merry Christmas To Me

Recently divorced and at my parents for Christmas, an old friend was hanging out Christmas Eve. Well, he had been sitting on the couch in my parents' living room as I placed toys and gifts under the tree for my children. I decided that I just had to kiss him. So, I straddled his lap for one quick lip-lock and then got up. Not to be outdone, he stood up and got in my face right next to the staircase. He basically dared me to go upstairs and put on a skirt and try something like that kiss again. Not one to back down from a challenge, I unzipped my jeans and his, adjusted our undergarments, and slid him inside me for a quick fix. I must admit, the possibility of getting caught by my parents was even more of a turn on. However, as Christmas Eve turned into Christmas Day, the idea of my kids charging down those stairs and catching us was the reality I needed. I later found out that my cousin had walked into the kitchen and could see us in the mirror I had forgotten was there.

— Kathy, 35

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