South America Adventures

I was staying with my friend and her family in Colombia last summer. I shared a room with my friend. We had just came home from the bar, but we had very little to drink. We took turns taking our showers and were finished getting ready for bed. Later, we started talking about our boyfriends. Mine was here in the States, but I was also seeing someone down there at the time (which is very naughty of me). Hers had recently moved to a city that was two hours away. Just talking about those men made us so hot that we couldn't take it anymore. She looked at me and basically asked, "Do you want to cut?'' I was a little hesitant. Even though she is my best friend, I had felt sexually attracted to her before (with no sentiment attached of course) because she has an amazing body. But I had always been afraid of getting caught. She got up to lock the door and came to lie down on my bed. She told me to strip, and I did. At the time, I was still a virgin. But, like I said, we were hot. We were goofing off a lot, but for my first time, that sex was pretty good. I would definitely do it again if things ever got that hot a second time. But we'll always keep that night on the DL. The only other person we told was our other mutual friend, Maria.

— Teresa, 19

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