Miss Flirting With Friend's Wife

Years ago, this couple moved on my street. The husband and I became friends. Shortly into our friendship, his wife started asking me questions like how would I react if she was to sit on my lap? Or am I the type that would sleep with my best friend's wife? Well, after that day, we would flirt with each other. She would let me touch her down there and anywhere else but always stopped me before things got too far. One time she was lying on the sofa, and I touched her behind. She opened her legs wide, so I gave her oral through her pants. Her husband was coming into the house, so we had to stop. She tried to blow warm air on my privates when he wasn't looking, trying to pay me back for what I had done. Anyway, to make a long story short, we would flirt with each other every chance we got. I used to masturbate for her when I got the chance. Nothing ever went any further. She divorced her husband, re-married, and all the flirting has stopped. Well, almost all of it. She will let me feel on her behind once in a blue moon. But I know it is coming to an end soon, and I really miss those good times.

— Morgan, 30

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