Birthday Presents

For my eighteenth birthday, my closest friend, JoAnne, invited me to spend the night at her house. Her mom picked me up at six. She had a neighbor, Talon, who lived about four houses down the street. Talon called my cell around midnight. All three of us were good friends. I ran into the bathroom upstairs and answered it. He told me to pretend to be tired, and then once JoAnne fell asleep, I was to walk to his house because he and Mitchell, his friend, had presents for me. So, around 12:30 in the morning, I walked down the street. His room was in the basement, so I knocked there. Mitchell came out wearing only his boxers. I was in a tight, black, tank top and guy's boxer shorts. I walked through the family room to Talon's room. Talon came downstairs in boxers and said, "Oh, I forgot your present upstairs." So, he turned around and walked back upstairs. I sat on Talon's bed and Mitchell came over. He gave me priceless diamond earrings and asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes. He came over and sat next to me. We made out for almost an hour until he tried to have sex with me. "No," I said. He walked down the hall. I peered through the doorway to see him grabbing a condom, and then he came back to Talon's room. It was 1:30 then. We had sex for three hours until I said we should stop. Talon came back downstairs a few minutes later. He explained that he was hung over from yesterday and had fallen asleep on the couch upstairs. I now know the whole thing was a setup because yesterday JoAnne and I had hung out with him. He gave me a beautiful necklace with a ruby colored flip-flop on it. I asked if someone could walk with me up the street because it was so dark out and I was scared. Surprisingly, Talon volunteered. So, we walked back up to JoAnne's house. I sat down on JoAnne's swing because I was putting my new earrings and necklace on. Talon sat down next to me and we started to kiss. He ran his arm up and down my chest. I pushed away and told him that Mitchell and I were going out now and asked if we could still be friends. He said yes and walked me to the door. We hugged, and I gave him a quick kiss on the mouth because I felt bad for him. I waved goodbye. When I walked downstairs to where JoAnne was, she was standing up with her arms crossed and tapping her foot. She asked where I had been. She had never fallen asleep but only faked as though she had. So, I told her the whole story. To this day, it's only me, Talon, JoAnne, and Mitchell who know what happened.

— Lacy, 18

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