I Wish

I love wearing woman clothing such as a bra, panties, slip, short skirts, silky blouses, then full facial make-up. When I'm ready, I go to adult bookstores, truck stops, or where I can get a bunch of men to use me for their sexual toy. I love the times when I am passed from man to man and give them all head; taking their full shaft down my throat. They will shoot their load down my throat, making me swallow it. Sometimes, they shoot it all over my blouse. I have had nights where they have covered me in their juices, concentrating on making my panties their target and shooting them on the inside. I was in a truck stop one night and was passed around for eight hours having oral sex and hand jobs. When I was done, my belly was bloated and my outfit was soaked with repeated loads. I love being used and abused, doing what they want. I now try to do no less than twenty on a night out, but many times I have many more.

— Chet, 51

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