Times Have Changed

I work in a small shop with a couple of employees and the owner. A couple of weeks ago, the owner left early and it was just me and this guy Jerry. It was really slow and no one had come in for hours. We were both bored. The store has a counter that is about three and a half feet tall and we were both behind it. Our legs and lower bodies were hidden from the street and from anyone walking in. I walked over to Jerry and rubbed the front of his pants, right where his penis is. He looked at me with a funny look, but I noticed a bulge growing under my hand too. He is married, but has said he's not happy with her. He only stays for his son. I smiled back and told him I was bored. Then, I leaned with my back against the counter and slid off my pants and panties so I was naked from the waist down. I pulled him close and unzipped him, letting his penis spring out. I knelt down and deep throated him nice and slow. I knew he was enjoying it by the sounds he was making. Still no customers had come in, so I stood up again and pulled him to me. He needed no further convincing as he began fucking me fast and furious. The counter was moving a bit as we banged against it, but we didn't care at all. He finally lost his load to me and then stood there leaning against me to catch his breath. Just then, a customer walked in. He quickly stood up, turned his back to the customer area while he zipped up, and waiting on him. While they were busy, I got my pants and panties back on and hoped the cum leaking down my leg wouldn't show through. We've fucked twice since then; once more at work and once in a hotel room. He is a fabulous lover!

— Cassandra, 19

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