As Often As He Wants

I must admit that there are still some guys out there that can really surprise you. And sometimes they are so obvious, you would never think to look to him. I recently broke up with Jake, and it was absolutely horrible. I constantly felt as though I would throw up, as though my stomach was weak. I felt as though there was nothing I could do to feel better. However, my sister's boyfriend's cousin recently became unemployed and is looking for another job. So, one afternoon, Justin stayed at home with me. We decided to be depressed together, eating ice cream and watching TV. I asked Justin if he had a girlfriend, and he said that because of the fact that he did not have a job, he could not maintain a stable relationship. When I said that I found that confusing, he said that he would want to go out with her. He would want to treat her, heck, just buy clothes to impress her or even just to have lunch with her. It's not that he was a big time spender; he just couldn't afford to do so. But, even though he was unemployed for several weeks, he had numerous expensive gadgets; a razor cell phone, a PSP, an iPod, and even a laptop computer. Every time we would ask, he would say that he bought it himself. So, we assumed that he had a trust fund or something. It was when he came with a cell phone from another phone company that he confessed that someone had bought it for him. So, while we watched TV, I asked how he could get a girl to buy all that stuff for him. He said that it was not just one girl, but several girls who bought various items for him as gifts. I asked him how he could get them to do that and yet not be his girlfriend (he never acted as though he had a girlfriend in the first place). He said that it was a matter of giving someone what they wanted. When I kept asking what he was talking about, he said that he had made out with every one of those girls, and they kept coming back, even though they had their own boyfriends (and a husband, in one case). I will never forget what he said. He said that when it came to making out, as a guy, his duty was first and foremost to satisfy her and, in so doing, she would oblige and satisfy him. Of course, I did not believe a word he said, thinking he was just being a typical guy trying to get into my pants. However, he was always a little uneasy around me, never really flirting or telling me anything that was out of the way. I had assumed that he was being respectful since his cousin was my sister's boyfriend. But, I began to suspect otherwise. So, I asked him to prove it. After making sure that I was not joking, he took some ice cream in his mouth and kissed me. The ice cream on his tongue, combined with mine (he was eating chocolate, and I was having a strawberry swirl kind of flavor) along with his whole French kiss made me weak. After a very long kiss, he asked me if I wanted to continue. Hell, yeah! Since I was at home alone, I was wearing just a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants and was barefooted. I guess I knew where he was heading, and so did he. But he knew how to take the scenic route. After he kissed me again, he kissed my neck. Then he gently nibbled on my ear. He ran his fingers through my hair, spreading it on the couch, and then from there, he went down to my chest. He took off my t-shirt without using his hands. His teeth were grabbing the fabric, and his lips ran along my body in places my boyfriend doesn't even know exist. He knelt on the floor beside the couch, and I rolled off the couch onto him. We sprawled onto the floor, knocking over the coffee table, and lie on the rug. There are too many details to list here, but we never even got to go all the way. Yet I had two orgasms, and all of my clothes didn't even come off! Justin lifted me bodily and placed me back on the couch, breathless, and headed into the kitchen. He said that he was going for a glass of water to drink and for a cloth to mop up the soda we split from the coffee table. I lay there for a few moments, thinking, and then I got up, topless, not caring at all, and headed into the kitchen. He made me feel so good, I wanted more. When I went into the kitchen, I saw him opening the door to the fridge. I walked straight up to him and slammed him against the door. With the fridge still open, I kissed him on the lips. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around him. I could tell that I caught him off guard, but not completely. Justin was the kind of person who is always ready for anything, or that was the impression he easily gave me. We did the nasty deed on the kitchen counter. Considering that our kitchen was a very small place with very little counter space, that was a very exciting and somewhat weird experience for me. I mean, I had always seen it in movies, but I never thought that I would do something that drastic and crazy in my own house. What actually surprised me was that while his package was not close to those in a porno movie, it was more substantial than I had expected, and he sure knew how to use it. When my sister and her boyfriend came back, I was on the couch, dog-tired and sleepy — a first for me. My legs, waist and hips were tired, and I could not move properly. I had to say that it was a cramp from lying down so long to watch TV and that my legs had fallen asleep. Justin was in the kitchen, getting something to eat, trying to make it look as though nothing had happened. From that day, I never looked at Justin the same way again. I mean, I wouldn't go crazy like some girls might, but I knew that he could handle himself with ease. In fact, even though I was taken off guard by him, I never knew that sex could be so invigorating. As a matter of fact, sometimes I would surprise him and try to get him going. My boyfriend and I have had been having these sessions with Justin for almost eight months now, and I have never been bored whenever I decided to get some action from him. He really knows how to work a girl's body. I am ashamed to say it, but whether or not I am his girlfriend, once I can feel that good when I want to, he can have me as often and as much as he wants.

— Kendra, 24

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