A Friend Of A Friend

I was dating this guy, and we seemed perfect. At first we would call each other every day and sit on the phone for hours. He would always say sweetheart and baby. He told me constantly how much he loved me. We went to the movies and just hung out with his friends. My friends did not really agree with him because he was not in school and didn't have a job, but I did not care because I thought I loved him. One day, we went to see a movie, and I met one of his friends. We hit it off great, but I knew that he was my boyfriend's best friend, so he was off limits. One weekend, my boyfriend called and said he was going away with his friends that weekend when he knew we had a date. That did not really make me mad. It is what happened after. When he came back, it seemed that our relationship started to end. We did not talk as much, but we still went places. Well, one weekend he got in trouble, and we could not really talk. Some days after that happened, I started to feel like he was cheating one me. When we got to see each other again, we broke up. It was the hardest thing for me to realize he was out of my life and that I was just a friend. The next day, his friend that I hit it off with so well came over to comfort me. It did not take long for me to found out how much he liked me. Now, his friend and I are dating, and every time I see him I feel terrible for going for his best friend right after we just broke up. But deep in my heart, I still love him.

— Kathryn, 19

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