Getting To Love It

Before getting married, we were going out since teenagers. She didn't agree to have sex until after three years of dating. She kind of liked it, but she was so conservative at the same time that she seemed not to enjoy it in full. Besides that, she never asked for sex. That was my duty. The night of our wedding, she was drinking Champaign and got drunk since she was not used to it. The morning after, she woke up and asked me how we got there. We were in a hotel suite. I had sex with her the previous night, but she didn't remember anything. We had sex that morning three or four times, but she didn't ask for it. I was always the horny one, not her. In the afternoon, we flew to a Caribbean island for our honeymoon. Things didn't change a bit. We were having a lot of sex, but she was not interested in it. She was doing it as if it were her duty. She was so in shape and in her twenties. I couldn't help wanting to have sex all the time, but her attitude was kind of making my fire fade. The second day in the island resort when I woke up, she was not in bed. There was a note on the mirror, "I wanted to let you sleep. I'm getting a suntan by the swimming pool." It was so considerate of her, but I would have really preferred that she would have woken me up for morning sex. I woke up and looked down from the balcony. There she was, lying down on a pool chair. Her body was fully oiled. Her bra was unfastened to let the sun work on her back, and I could barely notice her bottom swimming suit piece. She was either wearing a thong or she had pulled up her bikini so that it went in between her buttocks also to let the sun work. She looked just gorgeous right there. Her whiteness contrasted with the dark black skin of the native waiters that passed by occasionally approaching her, I suppose to offer her a drink refill. People were very friendly. Since it was an "all-inclusive" style of resort, we didn't have to carry money on us. We were drinking freely all week long. I'm not the type of sunbathing guy, so I decided to let her enjoy her thing and grabbed the hotel directory to find out activities to do myself. They offered relaxing massages. I had never tried one of those, so I wanted to do it. It was so great. This native lady began with my feet and then slowly on every part of my body. At a point, total relaxation gradually became arousal. There was a towel covering me, but I was embarrassed and closed my eyes. This lady asked me to turn around. She began to work in circular movements on my lower back, reaching each time a little bit lower as if asking for permission to work on my buttocks. I didn't complain, so she continued downward and gave me a buttocks massage that made me complete my arousal. She didn't make any commentary, so neither did I. Before leaving, I made an appointment for my wife. Later in the room, my wife answered the phone. It was a reminder for her massage appointment. She told me she didn't know a massage was included, but she wanted to have it. She hadn't had a massage before either. After her massage, she changed her attitude completely. She began to ask for sex often. She wanted to have sex all the time. That night, she was insatiable. The morning after, when she surprised me with good morning oral, I couldn't resist asking her the reason for her change, and she had to admit it. She said that even though she liked sex, she didn't want to let me know because she thought it was not a decent behavior for a woman. She said that the man who massaged her the day before turned her on so much that she couldn't help to show her arousal. The guy ended up pleasing her so profoundly that she had multiple orgasms. She felt so guilty for such sluttish behavior that she decided to be a slut with me who deserved all her love.

— Marcos, 41

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