Here We Go Again!

For nine years, I was with a girl. We never married and never wanted to. Five years into the relationship, we bought a house in France and visited at least once a month. Once, when we were due to visit, her sister asked if she could come along just to see what we were planning in France. As we were taking a van over, there were only two seats. So, my girlfriend suggested I take her sister instead! It was the middle of winter and freezing. When we arrived in France, I realized I had left the door keys in the UK. So, we had to sleep in the van. I was in the back, and the girlfriend's sister was in the front. The next afternoon, we checked into a local hotel and ended up having the best sex ever. Now, ten years on, I am now with the new hotel owner in the same hotel. Since my ex-girlfriend's sister found out who I was with, she now wants to do it all over in the same room. So, here we go again!

— Luther, 34

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