Better With Age

I met this elderly woman in the supermarket while she was struggling with her parcels. I offered to give her a lift home, which she accepted. On the way, I learned she was seventy and a widow of twenty years. She had no relatives and lived alone. She didn't look her age and was attractive in an elderly way. She had obviously looked after herself over the years. When we arrived at her bungalow, she offered me a cup of coffee, which I accepted. We sat in the lounge talking about this and that until I looked at my watch and mentioned I had to go. When I stood up, she came over to thank me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I don't know what came over me, but I put my arms around her, drew her close to me, and gave her a deep passionate kiss. To my surprise, she responded. She then took my hand and led me into the bedroom. She sat me down on the bed and gave me great oral sex. By this time, I was in a rampant state and quickly undressed her and then myself. I lifted her onto the bed, giving her oral sex and then regular sex. I am thirty-one and afterwards, I couldn't believe that I had enjoyed sex with a person of that age. We regularly meet, and she has taught me things I didn't know existed. I have stayed over and slept with her a number of times. I hope it continues for a long time.

— Lloyd, 31

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