In Training

I work at a fast food restaurant as a cashier. As a cashier, you have to take care of the dining area and check if the restrooms are clean. It was my first day, and I had met this girl named Lauren. She was training me on how to be a cashier. We started talking and kind of flirting around when all of a sudden the manger tells Lauren to show me how to keep the restrooms clean. So, I followed Lauren to the restroom. As we went in there, we closed the door behind us. As she was showing me, we started talking, and all of a sudden sex came into the subject. She told me, "Yeah, this would be a great place to have sex." So, then I started to follow along with her. She agreed. The first thing I did was to make sure that the door was locked. Then I turned back to her and we started to make out. I started to undress her. Then I undid my pants and leaned her back against the wall. We had amazing sex that only lasted about five minutes. When we went back outside, we just pretended nothing happened. After work, she took me to her house, and we had sex once again.

— Xavier, 19

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