Young Love

I can still remember it as if it happened yesterday. She had just turned eighteen, and I was twenty-one. We met on the CB radio and, interestingly enough, her folks allowed us to be family friends since they knew my folks. Well, we started off slowly as friends, but she was very mature for her age since she was an only child. We started holding hands and later had our first kiss. A few months later, we found ourselves at her house while her folks had gone out bowling. We were in the living room watching TV but soon found ourselves kissing each other passionately. I was shocked when her tongue began to explore the insides of my mouth as I returned the favor. Before long, we were on the floor in a tightening embrace, hugging and kissing each other furiously. I began to slide my hand under her blouse to find her breasts. Then my hand slowly slipped beneath her panties. As I began to slowly rub her, her moans and sighs began to increase in volume and intensity. But, before I could get her to finish, we heard the family car pulling up the driveway into the garage. We quickly got off of the floor and tried to straighten up our clothes and hair. We then sat back on the couch watching the very TV that just seconds ago was watching us. Her folks came in and never knew what had transpired. This was an experience I don't think I could ever forget.

— Todd, 21

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