Neighbor's Wife

My next door neighbor has a hot wife. She is beautiful, and they have two wonderful boys ages five and seven. This summer, her husband took the boys fishing. The prior week, we had a potluck at my house, and I had two of their dishes to return. I walked up to their house to return the dishes, and the wife was on the deck in a two-piece bathing suit sun bathing and drinking wine. She told me that her husband and sons had gone fishing again. She asked if I would stay with her for a while. After having a drink also, I kissed her, and she kissed me back. We explored each other. Her top came off, and then she took off her bottom. I gave her oral sex. We went inside and made love for over two hours. Her husband called once while we were going after each other. He said that he would be home the following day. I stayed with her that night, and it was the hottest sex ever. We get together a couple of times a week and give each other oral sex and good sex. Life is wonderful.

— Jerry, 45

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