The Best Sex

It all started on a day when some of my relatives came to my house to stay. My step-sister usually slept in a separate room. That day, she had to share my room. I always fantasized about having sex with her. She had such a good butt that anyone would stir at the sight of it. I had, on several occasions, peeped into the bathroom and pleasured myself looking at her shapely butt. That day, we slept on one bed. As soon as she lied down near me, I got excited. After making sure that she was fast asleep, I slowly started stroking her buttocks. To my surprise, she hugged me and kissed me. Her hand slipped into my night clothes. We had sex together for the first time. That was the best sex in my life. After several such occasions, she told me that she had seen me naked and always wanted to do it with me.

— Taylor, 37

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